Got Strats?

    Here at Moeller of Willis Music West Chester we’ve always been known for our focus on band instruments.  We do however carry a large selection of guitars too!  So we’ve been rearranging the store some to spotlight that, … Continue reading

Michael Kelly Mandolins

On a recent trip to one of our suppliers we had the opportunity to hand pick some Michael Kelly mandolins for our stock.  These mandolins were set aside because they had very minor, almost undetectable finish flaws.  Two of use … Continue reading

Meet Ashlee — Coming soon!

This is Ashlee: Ashlee is a CMG Guitar and she’s beautiful and coming soon to Moeller of Willis Music West Chester.  So what’s so special about her?  She’s American made, plays like a dream, and ranges in price from $749.00 … Continue reading

Check out the GK MB-210II!

New to Willis and Moeller Music is the Gallien-Krueger MB line of bass amps.  My favorite by far is the MB210-II combo.  This 350 watt (@8ohms, 500 with an 8ohm extension cab attached) beast really delivers the punch, yet it … Continue reading

Restring for Charity and Open Acoustic Jam This Saturday, July 26th!

Ovation returns to Willis at Moeller Music West Chester

  Ovation makes it’s return to our inventory!  This is definitely not your daddy’s guitar.  Probably the most misunderstood guitar in history.  So to dispel some misconceptions and myths, stop in and try one out today!  Here’s a brief history … Continue reading

The Ibanez SR605NTF

Smooth, fast, lightweight, comfortable, with perfectly matched electronics, the Ibanez SR605NTF has it all.  At only $749.99 it also fits well within the budget of most musicians.  The SR line has been the workhorse for many professional musicians for 25 … Continue reading

Make Music with US! Saturday June 21st!

  This Saturday, June 21st is International Make Music Day! Make Music takes place each year on the summer solstice. Founded in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now the world’s largest annual music event, celebrated in … Continue reading

12 Things You Should Never Say To A Musician

Saw this article the other day and had a nice laugh so I thought I’d share it with a few notes of my own added.   1. So Are You Trying To Be A Musician I am a musician. Not … Continue reading

Who is this Adolphe Sax guy?

Ever wonder where the word Saxophone came from?  Me either, but here’s your answer. From Wikipedia. Antoine-Joseph “Adolphe” Sax (6 November 1814 – c. 7 February 1894) was a Belgian musical instrument designer and musician who played the flute and … Continue reading